Roxana & Radu

Romania - Fagaras / 23 july 2016
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Roxana & Radu ,Romania - Fagaras / 23 july 2016

I was in Fagaras a few times. Over there, people are different, live by other principles, have other values, more humane, closer to their soul, to God, putting all their faith in Him. There, people are more grounded, smell strongly like grass, honoring the tradition inherited from their ancestors, more then anywhere else I have been. There, one can read a story worth retelling by the fireside, in the eyes of each of them.

I was in church, during the service. Everyone was participating and listening with reverence, the God blessing service. Those who were present, were captivated, with clean souls by the whole service, the emotions were so visible and without trace of embarrassment, the grandparents had tears in their eyes, the bride and groom as well. On a windowsill, there were two hats and two bottle of plum brandy, tied beautifully with a red, yellow, blue cord. All four were sitting quietly, maybe changing a word or two, whispered not to disturb the ceremony atmosphere. They were accompanied by the rays of sun, as they were easily getting in through the window, without making any noise, but curious to see the service. It was there, in a small corner of the church, in that fragment of time from this great universe a story was present. It caught my eye without realizing at the time what seemed like a banal detail. Seeing the photo again, I saw the story and relived what I was too nervous to fully notice.

I never say anything without explaining. The story above is not pure luck, not just a photo. It is a source to remember and honor about everything we are today, with help of our parents, grandparents and great grandparents.  There are few that acknowledge their families. There are few that acknowledge the traditions and habits that made our past beautiful, and lent a hand for our future.

Without opulence or exaggerations, being themselves and having great good sense, the protagonists of the of the day, were people who assumed the place they were brought up, being proud to have it in their future, who sanctified with their goodness of mind and soul any friend who would like to be close to them, that will enjoy everything and everyone.

Roxana and Radu started their road together, with emotions, involvement, sometimes with hesitation, but with love and hope! We wish them a little of everything and, especially, do not forget to admire over the years, and seemingly simple little things that hide a story of soul.

Kind regards,

FotoDumbrava team

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