Roxana & Andrei

Romania - Targoviste / 9 july 2016
Roxana & Andrei de Foto Dumbrava - wedding photographer, christening photographer, professional photographer Foto Galerie

I feel like a God on my landJ! Leaving the modesty aside, I spent 9 July in my hometown and I celebrated really well. Roxana and Andrei were and are extraordinary. A full weeding, just as I like,  a wedding with all that is the most beautiful and wealthy, a weeding with colorful and joyful people, a weeding with traditions, a weeding with unruly emotions. A weeding where the groom was for a couple of seconds speechless and overwhelmed by HER, the one who was chosen to be by his side for the rest of his life. At that moment, he teared like only a true man can assume his feelings, as only a friend, comrade and husband that will be body and soul by his wife.

Roxana was radiant, this could be the perfect word to describe her in as much details as possible, how the most beautiful bride for Andrei looks.

It was a warm day, an emotional day, a memorable day. My phots shows everything I want to be shown and stored in memory. Most of the time I cannot be objective as my involvement in an event is directly proportional with the result and vice versa. I always try capture everything around me as best as possible. I could not manage to be objective at this weeding, I could not have, because I knew more the 80% of its guests. And yet, looking at these images with wonderful people, I am surprised who much I managed to capture in memories. They made me feel good, the made me feel part of their event as they managed with all their guests, to make them feel like home, at a family party.

Because we felt so good together, we continued a little bit longer in a smaller crowed, but as good as before, more relaxed, with warmer images and mastered emotions!

From the civil ceremony and until the end of the trash the dress, Roxana and Andrei chose to enjoy every moment, to keep it in remembrance, to be happy and present in that moment. Thank you for choosing me to be one of your memories. It was an honor to meet you, to have fun with you and to work with such pleasure!

Warm regards,

FotoDumbrava Team

Photography takes a second, but the memory … a life time!
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