Raluca & Lucian

Romania - Targoviste / 24 july 2016
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We, event photographs, meet people all around the country, and if we try a bit harder, if the 24 hour day allows us, we run a bit outside our country.

We, event photographs, consider ourselves social and full of passion. I should speak my own mind. I really like what I do, this being the reason to look for the best views in any situation. I like all sorts of wedding, traditional, modern, small weddings, big weddings. I like imperfect weddings because they are always over my expectations and then I realize that every imperfect corner of the world is more beautiful than in appearance.

People make me feel alive, make me vibrate and give my all. Cool people make me feel as if I have known them forever and I just starting to discover them.

I know some may say that all weddings are the same, a white weddings dress and a black suit. All weddings are full of color and emotions, there are steps to prepare, wedding photo session, there is a civil ceremony and religious one, and there is the party. There so many souls, but each has their unique stories, their smiles, their glow. For them, each moments is the first of this kind. Each photo is their first, and it is the most beautiful because they are included. For me, they are all my work, involvement and experience.

Raluca and Lucian have decided to join their destinies in front of Good on a Sunday, as our grandparents did once. The seventh day of the week was their special day, when the guest came to their wedding, to their holiday. The seventh day was the day that Raluca and Lucian have collected the fruits of their friendship that lead to love, a love that is growing towards maturity and accomplishment. Sunday, 24th of July is their official beginning. The moment that they have committed one to other,in front of godparents and families, the respect, dedication, reconciliation, communication, trust, love, worries and joys of the road on which they started together.

By their side, I have photographed and partied, in a different way from my previous wedding. I have captured this cool photos and told the story of their wedding as I wanted to see it, in it’s all beauty. I hope that all my work is going to be one complete memory for them.

Kind regards,

FotoDumbrava Team 

Photography takes a second, but the memory … a life time!
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