Oana & Petrut

Bucuresti / 28 august 2016
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The weeding is a big and important event.  With Romanians, weddings start at about 100 guests, and can go to hundreds and if you are “lucky” even a thousand.

The day is full of fast in each moment of the day. And everything that is related to the event will be brought to superlative by the bride and groom. They will try to do everything really special, once in a lifetime!

I have participated to a lot of events, each with its own beauty, with its own details, but mostly with its own unique people. I am grateful I have met all of them, that I have met all the wonderful brides, many tasteful details and so many guests, one funnier than the other. I thought that I saw everything in a normal Romanian wedding. I was wrong as always.

We did not have this wedding on our calendar, until weeks before the event. A videographer colleague of ours influenced us about two hours to not miss the opportunity of that wonderful day. We neither wanted to lose it and most likely we would have felt sorry. We knew the bride and groom and most of their guest since 2013 and we are constantly by their family at various events. And now, that their moment has finally come, we could not have missed it.

Oana and Petrut had a wonderful weeding! Gorgeous all step of the way! I always believe that people make an event great, they are the ones that assure the success and they will be kept in everyone’s memories for their unique day.  Here, along with their beautiful family, I cannot be subjective and I am speechless when I see how beautiful, graceful, elegant, glamourous, divine the bride that I had the opportunity to photograph was.

Knowing that they wanted a wow wedding, knowing the work put in this, know how special their family is, because I had the opportunity to get to know them more than other photographs could have, I am proud of myself, Oana and Petrut deserved each piece of their wedding day!

Petrut is the ideal man a woman could want: hard working, involved as he should be, but without being a burden, gallant and well-intended. He has by his side Oana. The woman that for me is the ideal of beauty, which is completed by a lot of hard work and dedication to everything she undertakes. She is authentic, but as false as other gorgeous women I have met. She is 100% dedicated and calculates very well each step. All this above summed up, made this and unforgettable event for me and my team, and most likely for most of their guest.

Many details, many flowers, many gifts, many warm and beautiful smiles, a lot of good music, many emotions and a lot well-kept memories!

For us, a perfect and full wedding!

Kind regards,

FotoDumbrava team

Photography takes a second, but the memory … a life time!
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