Elena & Stefan

Romania - Bucuresti / 31 july 2016
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Elena and Stefan, Sunday 31st of July 2016, Bucharest

How would you feel to go to work some day and do not work at all, but to have one of the most productive work day?! To have you a relaxing day, but full of ideas, one better than the previous, to take shoot after shoot continuously, but to feel as if no effort is needed at all?! How would you feel to photograph the most important day of a couple of photographs so funny and full of ideas? I would be chance that I would not miss, that would make day better and full of constructive emotions.

Elena and Stefan joined their life in front of God on the 31st of July 2016, exactly after 7 years after they became all one for another. In this years that have passed, they got to know each other, made plans, they gave up and fought, they have moved along, lived fully, they overwhelmed and proudly, they have learned how it feels, smells and tastes their love each moment. They have choose to be together forever. Life is unimaginable one without the other, it would be as one would split one’s body in two. Elena finds it very funny that Stefan considers that even talking about their life apart to be blasphemy.

They know that they were made one for another, they knew it from the first day. They decided to tattoo on their hand the infinity symbol, as well as engraving it on their wedding ring-this way they always have where to return when moments less light appear in their lives. They will simply have to lower their look, to hold their hands and remember why they did this.. from love, respect, and courage to keep on going.

Three different days in three different places with continuous inspiration. Having that accomplishment feeling for seeing two people in love, with butterflies all around them, with such passion in their look and such devotement, I had the opportunity to shoot the best photos.

I would like to have more moments like this in our lives, more silence, more devotement, less compromise because there is more understanding.

Elena, Stefan

Warn regards,

FotoDumbrava Team

Photography takes a second, but the memory … a life time!
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