Anca & Cristian

Romania - Bucuresti / 16 july 2016
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Anca & Cristian Romania - Bucharest / 16 July 2016

A middle summer day with two different weddings, two gorgeous weddings, with two wonderful brides and two unique adventures. A day in Targu-Jiu, with rain and effervescent and passionate youth, and one on the same day in Bucharest, with sun, details and glamour.

Anca and Cristian, two elegant and refined people, being part of their love story, Anca, princess for her prince, Cristian. Each moment was thought in the smallest detail, each detail of the dress, of the makeup, each move and each step, everything for an unforgettable day. Beautiful people, beautiful photos.

Such a wonderful job we have! Even though we are for so long in the industry, we never get bored because we meet at each wedding at least one guest with great sense of humor, a guest with an interesting conception of life and a guest with that special something! Well, this wedding had them all, the groom and godfather. Cool people! The godfather has explained us family harmony, do this, don’t do that, advice and experiences, safe recipes for a happy wife! Cristian is a lucky godson, and Anca one lucky woman! And the whole family is happy!

Joking beautiful and constructive, smiling, with humor, and without worries, Anca and Cristian walk easily, confidently and with dedication in what should be the base of society, the family. It is not easy, as all great things, one needs courage, involvement and time. Their godparents know that step by step they will build a wonderful life! They will love each other during the good and bad, they will support each other, being stronger together!

Kind regards,

FotoDumbrava team

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