Foto Dumbrava - wedding photographer, christening photographer, professional photographer Foto Dumbrava - wedding photographer, christening photographer, professional photographer

How many photographers will participate?

The standard offer includes a team formed from a prime photographer and an assistant. If both of the photographers are free, or if you would prefer the participation of both photographers, the offer can be modified. Participating in an event, we cover about 16 hours of that day. For the engagement (civil marriage) or trash the dress photo session, we can set the time with the future bride and grooms, taking in consideration the location and the time of the year you choose.

What is your photographic style?

We practice a natural, delicate photo, that is as less as possible edited. We try to combine as natural and less-invasive as possible photojournalism with the artistic part of photography. If possible, we would like to help you with the program for the day of the event in order to have a few “surprises” as possible. We can offer you, if you want, advice for planning the day, locations for the photo session or any other details that we have learned from experience. We get involve to create a good photo even if the ambience isn’t the best. We will get involved where needed and be invisible when is necessary. In order to do all, please note it is very important that you communicate with us, you share your expectations of the day, of us and if you give us your full trust.

How many photos will we get and what format will they be?

The number of received photos depends a lot on the type and complexity of the event. The number varies from a minimum of 500 photos to as many as we can take and you offer ! Better said, we prefer a “worked photo”, but with a strong message, rather than many with no substance.

How long does it take to receive our photos?

For us, photography means 80% field work, in the middle of the battle, and 20% in our work place, in our edit studio. We try to take a good photo that will need to be as less as possible edited, after the event. But our implication does not end on the day of the event. The care and attention that we offer the hundred photos taken at first, the post-processing time and the thorough editing of the photos that will be in your unique album can take a few weeks, about 30-90 working days. All post-processed photos will be given to you on two personalized DVDs, in JPG format. The design and the printing process of the photo book will take a bit longer.

Do you offer also video services?

Yes, we have a videography team, formed and trained by us. Most of the time, when you contract a service, it is easier and less complicated to collaborate with a supplier that offers more services. In our case, the photographers and videographers will cooperate better at your event as they know each other for a while now, being that they have been participating at similar events before and they can help each other.

How much does your service cost?

Our offers include some standard packages. All of them can be personalized depending on each other’s wishes, season when the event takes place. The price becomes important after other details are set. We are convinced that you, the ones who relaxes their sight with our photos, will certainly find the right package for you.
Photography takes a second, but the memory … a life time!
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