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                In the beginning we felt photography as an interesting, relaxing and constructive hobby. It so happened to be invited to a friend’s wedding as prime photographers. That was the moment when we discovered photography, the photography that brings the most smiles, emotions and spiritual satisfactions, the photography that whispers through colors and shapes of each family’s story. From that moment we have been part and captured new chapters in life, where new couples, new families, new homes were born.
For us, the participation at any event is unique. It is a true honor to be let to photograph a part of life of each protagonist, a part of hers/his feelings and emotions, a part of what she/he stands for.

               It is not an easy job to do, as the most important things in life are built carefully, involvement and a lot of patience. The experience, the life stories and the emotions we feel with each couple on the day of the event are part of our lives and fulfill us, as people, as photographers. Every event is a new challenge, both personal and professional.

               The rest… are just technical details :). For example, we might be the only supplier at the wedding who must and needs to get to know over a cup of coffee before the event, to get to know you, to plan for your special day in order to have an enjoyable and fun day, without worries . Let us inspire you, let us relax you with our smiles and jokes, or even make you believe that heavy rain that suddenly appeared is just a rainbow of little fire-flies! Let us show you, that for us, photography represents a lifestyle, not a job, a unique experience for each lived moment, an ongoing spiritual and professional development.

               We believe in a classic style, a simple, natural, soft photography. We try to combine as natural and less-invasive as possible photojournalism with the artistic part of photography. But most important, we try to tell your story as it is, capturing in images moments that you will realize that exist only when viewing the photo book.

               During our spare time we are parents, friends, daughter and son. We enjoy life, colors and light! We are always grateful for what each day has given and will be giving us, for what we can offer and what we are.

               We live in Targoviste, but we are available and willing to travel anywhere in the country, and also outside. We take special photos for special people in special moments. Mostly, we like events photography: engagements , weddings and baptisms. In our studio, we feel free to photograph anything.

Best regards, FotoDumbrava Team!

Photography takes a second, but the memory … a life time!
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